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Nails By Renae at Beloved Salon & Spa

US 127 Suite C2

Frankfort, KY, 40601

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For everyone out there just putting one foot in front of the other... even baby steps get you were you want to go #keepyourheadup
Sculpted acrylic nails using Tammy Taylor Go To Oink Prizma powder #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #acrylicnails #sculptedacrylicnails #masternailtech #nails #mastereducator @ Beloved Salon Spa
So I am so super late in posting this... hope she forgives me! Last week we got Maddie moved in on campus. Maddie I am so proud of you! From the first time I laid eyes on your precious little face to now seeing the AMAZING young woman you have become! You changed my life forever in ways I never knew possible! You have challenged me to be a better person, inspired me and others, and have a passion that is fierce and unwavering. I missed you the second I drove away but I know you are on to the next phase in life. Go chase your dreams girlfriend... you got this! #iloveyou @ Midway University
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Sculpted acrylic nails using Tammy Taylor Candyland Prizma collection and holo glitter 😍 #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #sculptednails #acrylicnails #blingbling #masternailtech
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There aren’t enough words to to describe how this moment feels as a parent! The moment I laid my eyes on you, you showed me and taught me what the depths of true love really meant. From that moment my life truly began, because of you! You have met your challenges head on with courage and strength no matter how hard it got. Always remember this moment... even though this moment carries its own set of challenges and variables. Know that no matter what your future holds..... with each challenge you get stronger... and smarter. Use those moments to remind you that you can overcome any obstacle life throws your way. Have faith knowing God will always lead your way if you let him and shelter you from the storm! You are my love and my life and I am so so proud to be your mom! #classof2020🎓
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🖤 #blacklivesmatter
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So my 18yr old asked me to teach her how to do nails a couple days ago so I showed her how to use Tammy Taylor’s Sculpt acrylic/gel hybrid 🤗 you all look how good she did 🙌🙌 #quarentinenails #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework
Hi Everyone.... I hope all of you are hanging in there and healthy at home. While you are waiting for life to continue with some sense of normalcy, Tammy Taylor has put together a few at home care kits for all of our clients. If you would like to purchase any of these kits to help keep your nails and feet pampered let me know! Prices below...

Mini Pedi Kit $49.95

All other kits are $24.95
I bet you thought there was noooo way I could sculpt that leopard left handed..... well.... BOOM 🤣🤣 I surprised myself! Now time to color her in 🤞 #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #nailart #masternailtech #sculptednails
Well I have one hand done 🤣🤣 at least I figured out what to put with my pretty leopard 🤷🏻‍♀️ no gels or paints used just a few of my Tammy Taylor Prizma favs: Millennial Pink.. Stary Night... Autumn Spice.. and Haute Kisses #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #sculptednails #masternailtech #nailart
Well I have one hand done 🤣🤣 at least I figured out what to put with my pretty leopard 🤷🏻‍♀️ no gels or paints used just a few of my Tammy Taylor Prizma favs: Millennial Pink.. Stary Night... Autumn Spice.. and Haute Kisses #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #sculptednails #masternailtech #nailart
So I wanted to try something fun and new today.. I saw this done a while ago and fell in love 😻 hand sculpted using Tammy Taylor acrylic and painted using Tammys prizma colored acrylics I have to finish the set lol #onedownninetogo😳 #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #quarentinenails #sculptedacrylicnails #masternailtech
So thankful to have a yard to enjoy this in 🥰 #happyplace
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I would like to announce that from now until we are all able to beat this virus I will be offering a 20% off promotion for my book using the PROMO CODE: HealthyAtHome when you order . Also for any teachers out there who are pre-K-3rd grade who want a Facebook live book reading DM me, I am available for your kiddos! online#healthyathome #childrensbooks #kidslit #beautifullyunique #teachers #librariansoninstagram
Yesterday I was lucky enough to read a portion of my book and have a Facebook Live session with Mr. Hurley’s Hero’s from the Early Learning Village. Thank you for letting me connect with your class and giving me the opportunity to share my story! You can visit my website to order a copy if you are looking for stories to read to your little one at home.
ALSO.... don’t forget to apply PROMO CODE HealthyAtHome to receive 20% off of your order! Click on my link below 👇🏻
These are great 🤣 I needed a pick-me-up! Thanks for sharing @drewbarrymore 😊
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Ok, so I have officially set up a website just for my book using my Square account. You can go directly to my page and place your order there, this will cut out any confusion with info you need to send. Once your order is placed I will email you with your estimated delivery date. Thank you so much for all of the love and support you all have shown. Since this is officially my only form of income for the time being until this terrible crisis ends, please forgive me for the extra book posts that I will be coming in the future. I will also please ask that you kindly spread and share my posts with your friends and family who may be in need of a good children's book to read while at home! It is a really plain and simple site, so please try not judge, I am not good at building websites lol Follow the link below and please reach out if there are any issues you may have!
As most of you already know, as of last week our salon had to close our doors due to the virus outbreak. This has left me and so many others who work as independent contractors without a job and at the moment unable to receive unemployment for an undetermined amount of time. I may not be able to teach or do nails but I do have my children’s book, Beautifully Unique, I can sell! The cost is $9.95 plus shipping. I also have a square account so I can send invoices without anyone having to give me their personal credit card info. All I need is your name, phone #, email, & shipping address. I will then send you an invoice, and I can ship it upon payment. The book is available on amazon but I am asking you to contact me directly since it takes a while to receive your royalties from their publishing platform. DM me if you would line to order. Please share my post with as many people as you can! #workfromhome #childrensbooks #togetherky #beautifullyunique #dontknowwhatelsetodo
I needed a reason to laugh... lol enjoy
[03/17/20]   As some of you may already know, as of tomorrow at 5:00 the salon will have to close our doors to our guests. We are unsure when this will pass and when we will be able to open the doors again, but you will know as soon as we do! We love and appreciate all of the love and support each of you have shown and we will miss you terribly! We will all get through this together and we will be waiting on the other side! Take care of yourselves and your loved ones but most especially look after the ones who need our help because they can’t help themselves!
I’m posting this a little late so forgive me! I received these on Monday from Miss Murray’s 2nd grade class at Second Street School for my visit to share my story! Words are not enough to say how grateful I am to have gotten these! It warmed my heart. I look forward to hearing the winners of the 3rd grade class and their opinion pieces tomorrow along will all who can attend and show them support! #childrensbooks #barnsandnoble #booksigningevent
Had such an AMAZING class Monday at Paul Mitchell The School Columbus!!! These ladies are soooooo incredibly talented! I look forward to watching your future success and thank you so much for the opportunity to join you all! #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #mastereducator #education #masternailtech
I invite you to join us at Barns & Noble in Hamburg Pavilion on March 14th at 11:30 for my very first book signing! Please share with your friends and family or anyone who may want to attend. This is going to be a special event, not just for me, but for a couple of talented students from Second Street School here in Frankfort!! They will be honored for their writing and will be sharing it with all of you to enjoy as well! I would LOVE to have all of you to come out and support the incredible work they are doing! Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing you there!
Natural nail overlay using Tammy Taylor’s Sculpt acrylic gel/hybrid with custom glitter mix using Loose Diamonds Glitter and Silver Lining by Tammy #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #nailartist #glitternails #masternailtech
Sculpted nails using Tammy Taylor’s Sculpt acrylic/gel hybrid in Soft Pink with Loose Diamonds custom glitter mix #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #nailartist #masternailtech #sculptednails
Natural nail acrylic overlay using Tammy Taylor Snow Angel Prizma Powder #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #acrylicnails #prizmapowderz #glitteracrylicnails #blingbling
Sculpted Tammy Taylor acrylic nails with Biloxi Bell Gelegance Hel Polish #tammytaylornails #nailsarealwaysfunandneverfeellikework #acrylicnails #sculptedacrylicnails #gelpolish #masternailtech #mastereducator

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