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Getting them filled out and ready for y’all....
Stop and and see the extras The Nail Shoppe has to offer.

The LOCAL SHOPPE is what I’ve decided to call it. I have a few friends that have made items to sell.

Tracy [email protected] Candles(my bestie out of Louisville) and her fabulous wax melts

David [email protected] Stone Doe Designs and his wood worked Kentuckys

Kelly Smothers & Brooke [email protected] Wunderland with their wreaths (more items to come)

I plan to have several more items available the next week.
[07/29/20]   The mask requirement in the shop didn’t start with ANDY.... it started with the folks who hold my licenses.
The Ky state board of cosmetologist and hairdresser!!
Please be respectful and wear it!!!
If the business has it posted on the door that it’s required to enter. Just be respectful y’all. Just wear the dang thang!!
MAY 25th looks like when we can reopen!!!
[03/17/20]   To whom this may concern:
I/we will be working for as long as I/we are allowed. Please please we have ALWAYS asked... if you are sick or even feel sick... please reschedule. Be honest about your sickness and respect others by not bringing it into the shop.
If you question it....don’t come in!!
We may not contact anything ourselves ...But We could bring something home to our kids!
Please be honest!! Thanks for understanding!!
Thanks again
Lindsay Perry
The Nail Shoppe
104 Navaho Trail
Hopkinsville Ky 42240
[03/11/20]   If you have any symptoms NYQUIL will fix....please be honest about your symptoms and respectful of others and reschedule.
Thanks for your understanding!!
[02/25/20]   Doing what we do best!!!
Happy Tuesday y’all!!!
New SPRING SHELLAC colors coming soon!!!!

May your day be filled with love and laughter and there are great memories made!!!! ❤️
A lil beach for one of my favorite beach...babe!!!
It’s time lady’s!!!!!!
Helping out my friend with her”problem toe”. Made her a temporary acrylic toenail for her sandal wearing trip out of town.
KISS nails on this thursday !!!
I get so excited when new colors come in!!!!!
[12/25/18]   MERRY CHRISTMAS
[07/26/18]   If anyone needs anything please message me on THe Nail Shoppe Page. I have deactivated my personal page. Thanks so much ❤️❤️

Received this pic today 3-16-18 from one of my snow birds(goes to flordia Jan-April). The last time I did her nails on Jan 2,2018. I apply CND SHELLAC on her nails normally every 4weeks and this is 10weeks and 3 days. I’m impressed with myself lol. She is a busy busy lady and doesn’t sit for very long. Very active.
So if you ever question whether or not you can go longer on your nail appointment due to whatever circumstances..... if done correctly... YES YOU CAN!!! It can happen.
[01/12/18]   I was able to come to shop today and get a head start on some more updating. I’m dedicated to my job and my goals but always have enough smarts to leave before a lot more weather came. I got there at 8:30. Left at 1:15. I’m home safe and warm.
Y’all stay safe and warm. !!!!
The rest of shop will be finished on Monday. It looks amazing. Still have a few things to do here and here. But it’s starting to look great!!!! So excited.
[01/06/18]   Survey: what other type of business would everyone like to see in The Nail Shoppe?
Just looking to see what folks want.
I have 2 10x10 rooms for rent
Lularoe? Boutique? Makeup? Consignment? Skin care?
If interested in either of the rooms for rent for your small business..... pm me for more details.
Can’t wait to see what y’all’s ideas!!!!!
[01/03/18]   2 different 10x10 room for rent. Keeping an open mind on any type of small business to rent to. Message me with any questions and rent$??
[12/22/17]   Merry Christmas from The Nail Shoppe!!!! Be safe. Enjoy your family. Be kind and love one another!!
[12/15/17]   Come check out SOUTHERN TOTS children’s boutique today at The Nail Shoppe.
They brought a small portion of what they offer!!! All CHRISTMAS CLOTHES for the little ones. (15%off Christmas ). Also a few pampered chef items.
104 Navaho Trail
Next door to The Village Restaurant (Indian hills)
Here until 4pm
Notpolish Which one are you? 🤪 if you have recognized yourselves.💅 tag your nail tech 😉 Mikey Nguyen
The Nail Shoppe
[07/12/17]   Summer is a super busy time for us. We honestly try our hardest to get everyone is asap. If you have an appointment or have waited awhile to be able to get in and you are NOT able to make it.... PLEASE call us to let us know. Thanks so much
Super cool bottle of Dr Pepper if I do say so myself. The husband found it!!!
20 years and going strong....
[05/22/17]   Summer is upon us ladies!!! Pools are opening and events are happening!!!!!! Please PLEASE PLEASE call us ASAP to schedule your appt!!! If you have received a gift certificate... please call asap to schedule to be sure you are able to get in before it expires. With every GC given there is an informational sheet of paper explaining any questions you may have about that GC. If it does not please do not hesitate to call and ask.
All GC expire in 3 months of date purchased. Give us a call and come see us.
Happy pre summer!!!!!!
[04/11/17]   Space for rent. Private room 10x10. Msg me for details
Black pool and #8 holographic fun
Shellac "Future Fuchsia"
Hearts of hearts
[01/16/17]   I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but I(Lindsay) will NOT be at the shop tomorrow. My mom suffered a heart attack early Friday AM and I've been at the hospital since. I went home one night to clean up and came back. I am where I need to be. And being I still have fridays folks to reschedule and now I will be adding Tuesday folks to that list I am asking everyone please be patient and understand that it's a huge possibility that you will just have to wait until your next regular scheduled appointment. Thanks❤ Lindsay Perry
O 🎄O 🎄
Black can be festive too!!

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