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It’s delivery daaaay! 🚚
My wife has been begging me to get rid of this desk. I'm so glad I finally did!
Wooden LEGO table

black and white thinking doesn't work in a gray world! 😍
New table I just finished up for Dottie and Joshua Dowell. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!
Photos from Timber & Nail Woodworking's post
Photos from Timber & Nail Woodworking's post
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40"x18" Kentucky wall decor
Floating desk with custom built wooden brackets
Boutique mannequins
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This is what my Monday consisted off. After cutting I finally glued and clamped up these boutique mannequins stands for Dawnielle Stout. Can't wait to show them off! All they need now are some platforms. If anyone has anything custom they won't built just let me know!
A couple of wine racks for ya. The white distressed one also has a chalkboard slab across the back
Just finished up this distressed white wine rack with a chalkboard slab on top for a client of mine! Can't wait to see it on their wall filled with wine and something written on it! #winelovers #wine #winetasting #winerack #louisville #woodworking #wood #diy #chalkpaint #chalkboardpaint #chalk #kentucky #redwine #whitewine #huberswinery #stonebrookwinery
Wine rack with glass holders
State of Kentucky wall decor approx. 39"x17"
Just finished Brittney Rose Peyton's matching coffee table and end table. I think they turned out beautifully and she seemed very happy with the results so I'm very thankful for that.

I got the chance to learn what pig tails in wood are when using an orbital sander. That was a blast (not). I'll know not to do that again. Now that I have these done I think I'll work on some small projects before I get to my big one after vacation. I can't wait for that. I also want to mess around with some of Valspar Paint's glazes. Other than that though, I'm pretty free if anyone wants to make an order.

Maybe I'll do a giveaway soon! =)

Oh yeah... I gotta get the garage cleaned up before my wife puts me in the grave lol
I'm almost done with this matching end table and coffee table. Just gotta stain and polyurethane the tops. (I love saying those to words together) Then I'm on to my biggest project yet! So excited
This table and bench combo PUT. ME. TO. WORK. A lot of hours, sweat, and blood went into this project. If there was something that could go wrong other than an earthquake destroying my garage with the table in it, it did.

And that's how you perfect your craft. You learn from your mistakes and get better with practice and you NEVER QUIT. I kept telling myself with each do over and mistake that I wasn't going to quit. I'm going to stick with this path that I chose because I love doing it. I don't want to be a jack of all trades, and a master of none. Plus, my father always tells me, if the mistake's fixed then it's not a mistake anymore.

After walking into Amanda Goldman and Timothy Goldman's house I realized how honored I was that they wanted me to build such a large focal piece of furniture for such a BEAUTIFUL home. They put a lot of work into their home and the table looked great in their dining area. It was a great feeling and I'm glad they liked the finished project.
[09/14/16]   I'm booked up with orders right now, but I decided to set up a wait list if anyone is interested. Just message me. =)
Almost done! Final pics this week! I'll be glossing this thing up tonight on the live feed around 9:30 if anyone wants to hang!
When there's nothing to do and you're out of wood...
Almost done!
Putting up my finishing touches on a table and realized Lowe's is closed so I finished this one of a kind beauty. 21"x25"
Gonna add another coat of paint, beat it up with some sand paper, and possibly polyurethane this sucker up. If anyone is interested in it let me know!
Just finished this lovely little wine rack last night for a client. Complete with glass holders at the bottom. (I really need a showroom).

I have a pretty busy next couple of weeks with a few tables and benches. Can't wait to show them off!
I'm on Instagram.... But I'm lonely. Lol look me up and give me a follow!

I'm gonna be working on a couple of wine racks tonight if anyone is interested.
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