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He gets around.......... of course we had to jump
On the bandwagon!
[01/27/21]   It has begun! ❄️🌨
Cut and color by Paula, curls by Rita! Yes, they are all natural!!! ❤️❤️❤️
How about this sweet before, during , and after?!?!?!? It’s super!!!!!!!!! Check out 'Macareindeer' on Merry Christmas from us !!!!!! Heyyy, Macareindeeer! Bring a Latin flair to the holidays by casting yourself or a friend in this timeless international dance hit.
Lisa and I had some fun with her hair the other day!! Love the neckline!! Hair by Paula Craig😊
Love getting tagged in pics like this!❤️❤️isn’t she gorgeous?!?!? @Savannahsexton
Blue Christmas 💙💙💙
OK, so ..............,I don’t remember which one of you wonderfully made,absolutely beautiful,carb conscious clients,told me about this bacon wrapped shrimp with pepper jack cheese from Sam’s club, but just know ,I am forever in your debt!!!!! I will love you forever and ever!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Paula is on the scene today!!!!!!!! Call her today for all your hair care needs!!!!
You all have no idea how excited we are this week!!!! We have the return of our most favorite stylus ever!!!!  call now for your appointment with Paula Craig
[10/01/20]   Ok y’all,,,,,,, we are so very proud to announce that Paula Craig will be coming back to work!!!!!! Paula will be starting next Tuesday, October 6, call her for your appointment now!!!! 
[10/01/20]   We have the best surprise for you all starting next week!!!!! Wanna guess what it is???????
Come check out our new line of Kinsley Armelle bracelets!!!! Semi precious stones, agate, and quartz, and the ever popular Druzy bangles!!!! Buy two or more and get 10% off.
Someone needs to tell our salon flowers that it’s Fall Y’all !!!
As if she couldnt get anymore gorgeous!!!!! We are trying to transition to a more natural outgrowth. Icy blonde with a natural root shadow🥰 @tamraDodson
Kinsley Armelle We now carry this gorgeous line 😍 Oh Me, Oh My! Limited 40% OFF Sale On Our Weekly Featured Product! 👏 Looking For A Great Deal? You Found One! 💕 💕
Happy Independence Day, America!!!!
We love you and are not afraid to say it!!!
Seriously........... what greater compliment is there , than when a client can style your haircut, better than you can???????
[05/25/20]   It feels so good to be back!!!!!! Image: Jonah Hill Yay GIF - JonahHill Yay AfricanChild - Discover & Share ... As some of you know the salon will be opening up on May 25!!! Nikki is unable to return at that time due to daycares not being open 😔 Buuuuuut she just got word that June 15th the kids can return!!!! YAY!!! So if you would like to get your nails or toes done with her please text her at 270-217-5404 to make an appointment!!! Can’t wait to get back to work and see all of our wonderful clients!!! We really do have a blessed job with clients like YOU!♥️♥️♥️ Found on Google from
[05/19/20]   We will be Sporting a fresher look when we see you next week!!!! Can’t wait!!!!
We are so blessed with the sweetest client family there ever was!!!!! Homemade strawberry cake AND a facemask!!! Thank you Georgia Freeman!!!! You just never know!!!
[03/31/20]   I miss y’all !😢😢
Don’t be that client!!!! 😂😂😂😂
We will be back before you know it!!!😘
It is super scary and EERILY 😬😬quiet for a Wednesday at 5:15......... so, here’s my post. I love my little place,and I love the sisters that have stuck with me thru the years,@pamelaedmondswhitfill @teresalindseytravis Nikki J. DoughtyLynn Smith-Brannon,not to mention the clients, LORD only knows,there are WAY too many to mention that were here,offering support, whether that be with texts, visits, or calls!!!!! Just know that, WE ARE STRONG,WE ARE CHRISTIAN,AND.........WE ARE WOMEN !!!! We believe God has our backs and we will overcome,,, because our almighty is way bigger than a virus. #Godisgood
Pam cut enough off of @Nancysingletons hair to make a whole new puppy!😂😂😂
Oh geeze 😂😂😂 Beards but from underneath (I’m sorry)
Our nail tech is better than yours ❤️❤️❤️

Woman in hospital after 'confusing builder’s foam with mousse' Oh Jesus, help us all! The image showing the woman sitting in a waiting room with a solid helmet of expanding polyurethane foam is believed to have been taken at a hospital somewhere in Eastern Europe, * Oh hey there friend 👋🏻

#btcLAUGHBLAST via @soyoureahairstylist

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