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My dinosaur cake!

A cake order from the other night. Super excited to use the edible images.
Two cakes I made this evening
media.giphy.com media.giphy.com What did you get? Screen shot and post yours below. media.giphy.com
My fall birthday cupcake cake.
Birthday cupcake cake.
Turkey cupcake cake.
A fox i made tonight.
Snapchat themed cupcakes
My cupcake cake I made this evening.
Juanita Saylor's Stuff
www.theodysseyonline.com To The Men Who Hurt Me www.theodysseyonline.com Hey y'all. Another emotional one by me.
Timeline Photos
www.altpress.com 19 memes that nailed emo culture - Features - Alternative Press 💯 www.altpress.com http://www.altpress.com/features/entry/19_memes_that_nailed_emo_culture
Juanita Saylor's Stuff #tbt Everyone needs a good throwback Thursday read!
www.theodysseyonline.com 15 Songs From The Emo MySpace Days Everyone needs a good throwback Thursday read! www.theodysseyonline.com Most everyone remembers MySpace and its wonder. Read and reflect on those days.
www.theodysseyonline.com To My Future Husband. To the man who will sweep me off my feet. www.theodysseyonline.com To the man who in the future will want my hand in marriage. Here's what I think of you, and I don't even know you.
www.theodysseyonline.com To The Woman Who Molded Me An article for my mother, and maybe for yours! www.theodysseyonline.com Mothers are our protectors from before birth.
www.theodysseyonline.com To Those I've Neglected Heart and soul. www.theodysseyonline.com To those who feel like they've neglected those close to them while searching for who you are, this one is a read for you.
www.theodysseyonline.com 10 Signs You May Be Painfully Single This one hits home for some!

I've got some back log posting of article to do. www.theodysseyonline.com This list holds true to me. Does it for you?
www.theodysseyonline.com An Open Letter To Who I've Become. This ones pretty personal. www.theodysseyonline.com Sometimes we need to give ourselves advice. After all, we know ourselves better than anyone.
Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to all our service men.
brokensidewalk.com How over 70 volunteers helped restore the Appalachian home where Hatfield-McCoy feud ended —... brokensidewalk.com In what the main expert called “the largest volunteer historic preservation event in the history of America,” 70 or more volunteers from several states are restoring a historic home in Pikeville, Ky., in the heart of the Central Appalachian coalfield. “Pikeville is one of the most amazing towns I ha...
theodysseyonline.com We Could Have Lost Him theodysseyonline.com When you are young, losing a parent isn’t the biggest concern.
theodysseyonline.com 15 Facts Every Concert Enthusiast Knows To Be True theodysseyonline.com If Foreigner lyrics become truth, I wanna be a Jukebox Hero with stars in my eyes.
theodysseyonline.com 5 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Work Family theodysseyonline.com Working is something almost everyone in life will have to do. In order to survive you have to make money. It doesn't always have to be just for the money.
theodysseyonline.com The Girl Who Trusted Too Much theodysseyonline.com You were never good for me, but I trusted you.
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Juanita Saylor's Stuff
Women And Body Positivity https://www.theodysseyonline.com/women-body-positivity theodysseyonline.com Being a woman is hard. Listening to people giving you advice on how to improve yourself is even harder.
Juanita Saylor's Stuff
Peanut butter cake with a chocolate glaze.
Juanita Saylor's Stuff Gotta love random crafts with stuff you have around the house. 😻
Gotta love random crafts with stuff you have around the house. 😻

Juanita Saylor's Stuff