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Kerri Moore did a color lesson with Blakeley!
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Before and After from Wednesday! Warmed her right up for the winter!
I’m calling this Peppermint Mocha! Just in time for Christmas 🎄
OKAY EVERYONE! Here at Steel Magnolia our WHOLE business is based on making you feel beautiful, women supporting women, laughing together, crying together... You’ve all seen the move Steel Magnolias right?! I mean that’s what a salon is ALL about! Well I HAVE A MISSION FOR ALL OF YOU! This gorgeous little beauty is my friend Victoria! Queen Victoria as she is known is 10 years old and battling Sarcoma which is a form of cancer. She and her family need all of the love, support, prayers, donations.. everything they can get. This is a serious battle for our sweet Queen! We should make it our mission to love on this girl and her family as much as possible especially during this holiday season when love and joy mean so much! I invite ALL my Steel Magnolia family to come out and share support for her and raise some funds for SUCH a deserving cause! Please share share share this! And make it a point to show up and show out for this baby!
Pravana Poison Berry on this beauty! All the winter feels! ❤️💕
Don’t let this be you this Christmas
Look! What an opportunity! I’m seeking hair models‼️ All colors are 30% off and a free deep conditioning treatments included🤩 and $5 off retail products👏🏻 refer a friend and you both get $5 off any service😍 Appointments available 10/11-10/30 hurry and don’t miss it🥵 Call or text (270)893-9461 Salon located 209 east 4th Street Russellville The Steel Magnolia💕 #salon #kysalon #stylist
[10/03/20]   Who still needs a Steel Magnolia T-shirt?? I have some available today!!!
[10/02/20]   Stepping away from the chair tomorrow to host a yard sale! Y’all come check it out! At the shop!
FALLing 🍁🍁🍁🍂🍂 for red!!
Hair products, headbands, ear rings, scrunchies!!
A little shadow root and balayage action for this beauty!
[08/07/20]   It’s about time to start thinking about your Fall 🌻🍂🍁Hair!!!! Book your appointments! Also be looking out for new retail!!!
Got this beauty ready for Fall! How pretty is this?!? Love the vivid pops!
In stock for your favorite little Princess! Disney Wet Brush detangling brushes!
Hey Blondies!! When you leave your hair appointment with fresh, icy blonde locks and you love it, why not keep it that way? This is Matrix Total Results Brass Off conditioner! It’s tinted purple to tone and freshen your blonde! Can be used alone or with your favorite shampoo or purple shampoo for an extra boost! $12! I have 2 in stock!
Some of the post quarantine colors and styles! As you can see vivids are the hottest thing going right now!
[05/22/20]   We are still on schedule to open Monday. I am still trying to get everyone scheduled in please be patient! If you need on the schedule please message me or text me. I just wanted to go over re opening policies one more time so y’all will know how things will work!
- whenever you arrive someone will come out to you to check your temperature and make sure you have a mask
- appointments only are accepted for now- no walk ins! Sorry- call ahead!
-PLEASE have correct change. I will not have change because it’s best not to exchange money back and fourth. Money is dirty anyways!
-if you arrive for your appointment and one of us are still working with a client we will come get you to come in whenever it’s your turn because we can’t allow a waiting area right now!
- this is all as new to us as it is to you! Let’s be patient and kind with one another!
- hand sanitizer and hand washing are a must for clients as well as us. We will be taking time in between customers to clean and sanitize.
- do not bring extra people with you to your appointment. If you require assistance due to a handicap or other issue we do understand you may need to bring someone along, and in situations like that we do understand. We also understand a parent or guardian needs to accompany a minor- otherwise no extra folks! Don’t bring your kids with you to your appointment. Please make prior arrangements.
[05/04/20]   Just like that! The board has posted. So here goes...
If you come for an appointment expect the following
1- wear a mask. We have to wear them too. Just do it
2- expect longer wait times between appointments while we sanitize
3- you’ll be asked to wait outside if there’s someone in your stylists chair. Be patient
4- we will be asking questions about symptoms and doing temp checks. Anyone with a temp greater than 99 has to go home.

Personally as I’ve said before- no extra people coming with you! If someone brings you to your appointment they can wait outside unless you’re either accompanying a minor or you require special assistance.
[05/04/20]   A few quick things to go over with y’all. KY state board of hairdressers met today and the general idea is that whatever the governor sets in place for us is what we will have to go by as far as opening and the requirements for services. The board is going to release their requirements for us later today. Once that happens I’ll announce how your appointment will need to be handled as far as safety and health requirements. Bare in mind- health over hair. If you don’t follow what we have to ask of you then we won’t be able to service you. If masks are the new requirement then come wearing one! We will not have them to provide for you. Sorry- just the way it is right now. I’ve contacted several of you to get appointments set- keep in mind this could change before May 25th based on how things are going. I’m going to stick with my previous rule of do not bring extra people with you. If they aren’t getting a service they do not need to come. They’ll be asked to wait outside if they are just giving you a ride. Please don’t bring your kids. If they aren’t getting a service done you’ll need to find a sitter. This isn’t convenient but it is necessary! My child won’t be there either which means until child care gets going again I’ll be reducing my schedule. ALSO the 2020 senior give away is still OPEN on this page to give y’all additional time to enter a senior.
[04/29/20]   Looks like we will be able to re open May 25, as of right now! With that being said- if you had a previously scheduled appointment before the shut down I’ll be contacting you by the end of the week to reschedule then I’ll open up the book for everyone else. I will announce whenever I’m ready to schedule so that i have an opportunity to contact those already on the book first. Things will be different as we re open. Please be patient
[04/23/20]   Next giveaway! The class of 2020 is experiencing a different kind of senior year this year sadly. Y’all nominate a senior and tell me why they’re deserving of a gift certificate to use at The Steel Magnolia whenever we reopen! It’ll be good for a year from the re open date so they can use it whenever!
Okay- so I don’t have a fancy people chooser on my phone. I drew a winner the old fashioned way- wrote everyone’s names down and let Lilly draw one from a cup! I don’t know if y’all can read this very well or not but the winner is Chelesa Miller! Congrats girl you get the L’ANGE flat iron! Message me we will work out a pick up for ya!
[04/22/20]   Last chance to show off your quarantine hair! I’ll be drawing a winner for the flat iron tomorrow!
[04/19/20]   I didn’t get much interaction off of my last post so no giveaway yet...🤷🏼‍♀️😩 at any rate- I love trying new tools and products for my hair. So today I unboxed a L’ANGE flat iron to play with! And I may just give one away to one of you!!! Show me your hair! The good, the bad, the ugly! Rooted colors and all! I’ll show you what the L’ANGE flat iron did for mine in the comments!
Wishing y’all a safe and Happy Easter! While you’re social distancing take time to watch Steel Magnolias (for the 600th time if y’all are anything like me!) and enjoy the Easter scenes! He is Risen!!!! The tomb was empty!! Share how y’all will be celebrating this non traditional Easter!
[04/08/20]   I miss all of my clients and your hair! Let’s interact a little I may do a little give away! What are y’all doing to care for your hair until we can re open? What are your social distancing Easter plans?
[03/18/20]   Gift certificates will be available for purchase tomorrow until 5 as well in case anyone wants one for when we re open
[03/17/20]   To say I’m upset is an understatement... even MORE circumstances beyond my control. I’m so frustrated but trying hard to count ever blessing. As of 5 pm tomorrow the governor has ordered that ALL hair and nail salons be closed I guess until further notice... I’m so sorry y’all. If you have an appointment with me tomorrow please keep it. If you are NOT coming please let me know so I can fill your spot with someone who wants to come. I pray we are back up and going very soon. Stay well
[03/17/20]   I’ve had questions about COVID19 @ The Steel Magnolia. State Board of Hairdressers released a memo that currently we ARE allowed to operate. However PLEASE do not come in if you’ve been feeling sick or are running a fever. Please do not bring you and 3 friends to your hair appointment. We are supposed to be socially distancing ourselves. We are here to serve you but if you’re running a fever or just not feeling quite like yourself then just let us know! We will be sure to get you rescheduled ASAP!! Otherwise come to your appointment as usual but now certainly isn’t the time to bring 5 friends with you to hangout while you’re getting your hair done. Wash your hands and stay safe!
[03/14/20]   If you or your children are in need of food while schools out the United Methodist Temple has a small food pantry they’re opening! I just got word about this!! Also- I’ll have a blessing box for non perishable food to donate to those helping folks in need. Drop your donations by!
Kerri’s specials! H U R R Y in❤️ l
Kerri Did That Info for Kerri! Today only get a free wax with any service!😉
Y’all meet Kerri!! Kerri Moore is my teammate now!!! She will be starting this week at The Steel Magnolia!! She does awesome hair AND make up! I mean check her out! And that little cutie in the picture is Hunner her 3 year old son! I’m so excited for Kerri and I to grow at the Magnolia together! Her phone number is 270-893-9461!! Call her for an appointment and she will also be available for walk ins too!! Everyone welcome Kerri!!!!!!

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